We believe everyone deserves great design.
 A strong brand tells a story and the marketing pieces help relay that message.

The goal is very simple.
We’re here to help you FALL IN LOVE
with your brand.

As a full-service creative consultancy, we offer (practically) every service under the sun that you could ever need to achieve your unique business goals, no matter where you’re at in your professional journey.


Meet the Founder

Leanne Gillespie is the founder and creative director behind Ash Street Creative and brings over 20 years of design experience to the table.

She works with mostly small business owners and other freelancers to create unique one of a kind designs with a focus on branding. Creating a strong brand is more then making a pretty icon but defining a client with an accurate visual representation. It may not sound snazzy, but a great brand design can last a company’s lifetime. Creating something that will hold up to the test of time is a unique challenge, and which she’s always up for.

Leanne is a successful Designer that has worked with national brands such as COBS Bread & Fatburger Canada. She lives in downtown Vancouver her husband and loveable dog, Lionel.

Susie Doré – Owner, Joyride Branding

Intuitive, Talented, Reliable
and Passionate – That’s
Leanne & Ash Street Creative